GBX St. George Vol.1 v1.0

GBX St. George Vol.1 v1.0
Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: Saint George, the forging of a legend. Do you dare to be a legend?

Available in CAT / ESP / ENG
Put yourself in the shoes of George, the son of a Lord of BarberŠ°’s poor peasant servant. In this historical gamebook, a trilogy, you are going to immerse in XI century’s catalan Counties History and you will partake in a thousand adventures, challenges and battles. If you choose wisely your path and you are successful with dice, you will progress with George until becoming a knight… and more! Forge the legend of St. George as never has been done before!
An historical gamebook in your mobile! Delve into history and forge the legend, full of illustrations in full color! Roll the dice to win battles and challenges, choose your destiny!

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