Potion Maker v3.4.5 [Mod]

Potion Maker v3.4.5 [Mod]
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: Enhanced potion to put the material to the cauldron!
Infinitely becomes higher price!


Potion making an increasingly developed in upgrade!
Aim the millionaire Become a potion master!
Collect all the potion on a total of 75 species Let’s finish the book!

★ Recommended for these people! ★
I do not want to wait for the stamina recovery!
I want a game that does not require Internet connection!
I want to test my luck!
Moe is good – anyway!

★ How to play ★
1. Make a potion to select one of the material passing through the top of the screen!
2. Let’s raise the price to put more and more also other material!
3. Trying to enhance!
4. Try again!
5. Do not be frustrated if fail, try again!
6. Trying to sell high!
7. Become a rich man!

All Costumes Purchased & Unlocked
Coins Never Decrease (Unlimited Coins)
Tickets to summon cats never decrease (Unlimited Tickets)
Rubies never decrease (Unlimited Rubies)

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MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess v3.7.0k (Mod Money)

MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess v3.7.0k (Mod Money)
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: Saddle up for adventure with Twilight Sparkle & friends!


After being locked away in the moon for centuries, Nightmare Moon is set free and spreading night across Ponyville! Only Twilight Sparkle and her friends can free Ponyville from her grasp and bring light and friendship back to the land. Help them rebuild the town and reach their dreams in exciting quests!

* Your favorite ponies are here: Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and more!
* Make your Ponyville the most magical place in Equestria and explore Sweet Apple Acres and Canterlot.
* Play fun mini-games with your ponies: Ball Bounce, Apple-Picking, Magic Wings, Telescope, Crystal Mine and Equestria Girls Dance game!
* Enjoy official TV show voice talents featured in the game!

1. Infinite Coins
2. Infinite Gems
3. Infinite Shards
4. Infinite Spirits
5. Infinite Lotto Tickets
6. Infinite Hearts
7. Anti ban (client-side)

Notes: you can get unlimited Gems, Unlimited Bits and so on.. just keep opening balloon boxes!

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Battle of Warships v1.34 (Mod)

Battle of Warships v1.34 (Mod)
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: Are you fond of battle ships? The best ship action for mobiles is looking forward to you – Battle of Warships.


Set to navigate legendary ships of the past, play with your friends & destroy the enemies! There are more than dozens of the First & the Second World War ships in the Battle of Warships fleet. Feel like a captain & navigate a real battle ship of any level. Use artillery, plains & torpedoes!

You will find real ships of various Sea Powers in Battle of Warships. Study their special features & advantages, create & update your own fleet! That’s what you find in the game:

• More than 20 battle ships, including the most legendary ones of the First & the Second World Wars.
• Various level ships & various weapons. From light canons to torpedoes & plains!
• A unique update system for each ship of yours.
• Latest 3D graphics, corresponding to all the characteristics of the best mobile games.
• Touch control & several versions, including the gyroscope!
• Weather change system on the game maps! Fight day & night!

1.) Unlimited Gold
2.) Unlimited Dollars
3.) Unlimited VIP Time
4.) All Ships Unlocked/Purchased
5.) Player Rank 4473
6.) Custom Player Name (Can Change If You Sign Into Google Play)
7.) Instant Reload For All Weapons (Including Torpedoes)
8.) Unlimited Torpedoes
9.) Unlimited Interceptors
10.) You Have As Many Interceptors In The Air As You Want At Once
11.) Insane Interceptor Spot Rate
12.) No Wait Time Between Deploying Interceptors
13.) Unlimited Warplanes For Carriers
14.) You Can Have As Many Warplanes In The Air As You Want At Once
15.) No Wait Time Between Deploying Warplanes

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Turretz v2.2.2 (Mod Money)

Turretz v2.2.2 (Mod Money)
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: 111% New arcade game “Turretz” !!!
Enjoy an exciting battle in a fantastic space
Protect your planet from space enemies
Destroy enemies with special turrets


Upgrade your turrets and planet to destroy more powerful enemies.
This is a simple, addictive arcade and action strategy game.

Simple, but Addictive
Turretz by 111%
Game Features:
– You can get highscore as your control and strategy.
– Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.
– Easy and fun to play.
– Simple UI, Fun sound effects, Beautiful design.

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Survival Game: Lost Island PRO v1.7 (Mod Money)

Survival Game: Lost Island PRO v1.7 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 2.3 +
Overview: You must survive! You are alone on lost island. Break trees, find resources, craft items. You must should do many things if you want to survive on night. Take a look Survival Game: Lost Island PRO, this is amazing island adventure!


Beware of wild animals, hunt, find food.
Make other items, craft new weapons. Take pick ore axe and get more resources!
Can you unravel the mysteries of this island?
Real survival island game is the absolutely new adventure!
Our VK page: https://vk.com/survival_apps
Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1074176785976379
There you can find many interesting articles and list of craft recipes.

*** HOW TO PLAY ? ***
+ Break trees, find ores. If you find some resources, you can craft pick or axe. Tap on tree or ore (stone), and select button what do you want to do. When the progress bar if empty you will get resource.

*** CRAFT ***
+ Intresting craft system. Tap on the gear button to open craft menu. There you can find many recipes. Some craft recipes are available near workbench or furnace.

*** HOW TO BUILD ***
+ This game is realy sandbox! Open your backpack, grag the item to map or just click “Drop” and item will appear near you. You can build different blocks, doors, fences and make a own house.

*** HUNTING ***
+ Tap on animal and select button for attack. Beware of predators! Also you can get many resources from animals such as bear, wolf, sheep, fish and etc.

Survival Game: Lost Island PRO features:
+ Advertisement free version!
+ big island!
+ different resources!
+ realistic 3d graphics!
+ real survival island simulator!
+ craft system!
+ hunting and fishing!
+ good tutorial for beginners!
+ good music and sound effects!
+ different weather!

If you want to be best survived – play Survival Game: Lost Island PRO! Let’s start island exploration!


– fixed tutorial
– volcano fix
– minor bug fixed
– unlocked new levels
– added dungeons
– new craft recipes
– new weapons and tools
– new monsters
– map
– bonuses

1. Unlimited Coins
2. Paid/ Unlocked

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Barkost v7.0 (Mods)

Barkost v7.0 (Mods)
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: 3000 years after The Ragnarok, Earth has been dominated by Demons. Only The Pure can defeat The Demons. Are you the chosen one? Are you the pure?


What’s new

– party in normal dungeon
– auto reconnect when dc
– 2x exp

MOD v1:
1. God Mode? (HP don’t seems to decrease but maybe visual)
2. Attack x1000
3. HP x100
4. MP x100
5. Defense x1000
6. Movespeed x2
7. Exp-Gain from monsters x20

MOD v2 :
1. God Mode? (HP don’t seems to decrease but maybe visual)
2. HP x100
3. MP x100
4. Defense x1000
5. Movespeed x2

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Tap Tap Trillionaire v1.13.13 (Mod)

Tap Tap Trillionaire v1.13.13 (Mod)
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Overview: To All Tap Executive Officers:
It is the time to RULE the Egyptian Kingdom!!


Welcome, to the ANCIENT EGYPT EVENT!
Get your own little base and set up your own little Pyramid Scheme!! Rule like a pharaoh and make those coins rain from above!!

What’s new in this version:
– NEW CITY: Ancient Egypt!!
– Ancient Event!
– 2 New Traders!
– New Decorations and Costumes!
– Updated Skills!

What’s not in this version:
– A Universe with 18 Quintillion Stars

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a person. It was you. You asked yourself, “How can I make more coins???”

A voice came from above, “Keep Tapping.”

You woke up, it was your boss…

You went home that night, thinking that instead of tapping for someone else, why shouldn’t you be tapping for yourself?…

This amazing 8-bit pixelated, nostalgia driven, frenzy tappin’, frantic investment firm simulator is the best way you should be making that coin for yourself.

In Tap Tap Trillionaire, you can:

– Run your own company!
– Hire and fire your traders!
– … Or collect them!
– Buy Low, Sell High!
– … Or have your traders do it for you!
– Decorate your office with… STUFF!
– … Or move to a Castle!
– AND MAKE TRILLION OF COINS because of reasons.



AHOY! Me fellow CEOs!
Are you ready to sail the sea of investments? Get aboard on The Flying Office to find your treasure, and hit your TRILLION of coins.
We also added daily CEO agendas for those super efficient CEO!

1. Infinite Gem*
2. Infinite Coin*
3. Infinite Book*
4. Infinite Star*
5. Infinite Key*
*Increasing instead of decrease​

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Terra Monsters 3 v20.0 (Mod Money)

Terra Monsters 3 v20.0 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: Solve the Mysteries of Terrarium once and for all! With the help of your Terra Monsters battle your way to freedom. Explore the incredible looking, completely 3D open world and ultimately join the heros from TM1 & 2 to save the entire world from disaster.


Terra Monsters is a completely 3D Open World Creature Capturing Game.

No internet connection is required to play this game.

• 100+ completely 3D Terra Monsters to catch including LEGENDARY Terra Monsters.
• Strategic 3v3 3D Battles to master
• Incredible looking 3D world with day and night cycles to explore and discover
• 24+ hours of gameplay with a deep and immersive storyline – learn the truth behind ‘Terrarium’
• Catch, train and evolve Terra Monsters to become the best Terra Rancher in the land.
• Care for and bond with your Terra Monsters in your Ranch.
• 250+ amazing moves to train your Terra Monsters.
• All previous starters are available to catch in this game, have your dream Terra Monster roster of Flofox, Dandylion, Niptune, Pandemite, Ninevolt, Jagwar, Viperno and Freyon.


Free to Play!
Added an Option to Manually Save the game
Fixed issue with health bar font being too small
Fixed missing Italian texts
Added translations for French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian

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Drive Ahead! v1.55 [Mod Money]

Drive Ahead! v1.55 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Drive ahead in gladiator arenas with off-road cars, garbage trucks and F1 racing cars.


Drive ahead in gladiator arenas with off-road cars, garbage trucks and F1 racing cars. Each vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses. The game features two different game modes: duel or single-player mode. Learn to master different tracks and vehicles in daily racing missions.
Customize your battles or choose random mode for surprising arenas and duels. Can you beat a monster truck with a go-kart? Hiding won’t help! Sudden death mode introduces sawblades, rain of fire and floods of water. The only way to survive is by attacking!


“‘Drive Ahead!’ is celebrating summer with a beach party! Drive in the hot sands and dip in the cool ocean waves with:
• 4 Hot vehicles!
• 3 Tropical arenas!
• 2 Summer helmets!
• Daily summer missions in the Superstar Stadium Calendar!
• New Summer themed stadium!”

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Vlogger Go Viral – Tuber Game v2.1.2 [Mod Money/Unlocked]

Vlogger Go Viral – Tuber Game v2.1.2 [Mod Money/Unlocked]
Requirements: 3.0 and up
Overview: Get ready to become the next Internet sensation in Vlogger Go Viral, the idle clicker game where every tap takes your channel one step closer to the top. Begin with only a dream in your head and a camera in your hands, and climb your way to stardom. Do you have what it takes?


Produce videos, manage your channel, gain millions of subscribers and views, grow billionaire and upgrade your sweet equipment and studio to reach the skies!

Follow the comments on your channel to discover what’s trending. Produce a video with a trending topic and watch it go viral! Master all the topics on your journey to become rich and famous, all that without ever leaving your bedroom. Okay, maybe just for toilet breaks.

• Tons of upgrades for your equipment and home studio
• Lots of topics to choose from: cats, dogs, food, games, music, movies, geek and many more!
• Manage your channel: upvote your fans, downvote your haters (just like in real life)
• Actually watch the videos you make!
• Hats! Yes, you heard it right.

Pugs with ties, robot parrots, walking pineapples, last-year’s console and comfy armchairs! What else could a world famous vlogger possibly want?

All right, now that’s a wrap! Download Vlogger Go Viral and start filming now!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.


Isn’t Vlogger looking beautiful?
We made a lot of changes to the game’s interface. Leave a review and tell us how you like it!
And big news: DELIVERIES!
Get new styles to customize your house and your vlogger by opening deliveries – with a Free Box for you every few hours.
– You have a name, I have a name and everything in your house also does ;)
– New styles for your bedroom! Hooray!
Pro-tip #8163: a good vlogger takes good care of his dog friend. This wasn’t written by the Pug.

Mod Info:
– Unlimited Diamonds
– Unlimited Prestige Crowns
– Purchased Double Views Forever
– Purchased Better Software
– Ads Removed

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