Mix – Icon Pack v1.1.8 Patched

Mix – Icon Pack v1.1.8 Patched
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Mix is not a simple icon pack, but it comes with a beautiful Material dashboard that allows you to get more functionalities.



•2200 IconeS in HD
•20 Wallpapers in QHD (server External)
•Wallpapers compatible with Muzei Live Wallpapers
•Sort icons for categories
•Analog Clock widget
•Tool to request missing icons
•Support for Dynamic Calendars
•Regular updates

•CM Theme Engine
•LG Home
•Smart Pro
•SONY Stock
•Unicon Pro

Compatible with the most famous launcher


– 10 New icons
– Updated many activities
– Fix

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Major GUN v3.5.5 [Mod Money]

Major GUN v3.5.5 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: The terrorists have overtaken the area and only you can stop them.


Can you handle powerful gun? Get into action! Experience the first FPS endless arcade gun shooter!
– No briefing!
– No missions!
– No boring stories!
– FPS shooter!

The terrorists have overtaken the area and only you can stop them. Get your gun & join the FPS action and witness the vibrant visual design, unique controls and arcade style gameplay that bring you the best endless gun shooting experience!

Unlock new guns and make your enemies cry like little girls
Upgrade your gear and powerups to boost your survivability
Complete FPS Missions to increase your rank and improve your scores
Finish Daily Challenges to collect boosts, funds and weapons
Compete with your friends to see who is the best Major GUN!

– super accurate gun control shooter
– 11 powerful guns with upgrade options
– 14 awesome gun skins to unlock
– various types of enemies: gunners, grenadiers, bazookers and armored terrorists
– challenging bosses who dream of stopping you from getting your new high score
– over 100 scenery modules to force your way through
– 5 different types of upgradeable gun powerups
– various types of boosts
– mission and rank system
– best shooter score leaderboards for Game Center and Facebook friends

ALERT: 1GB memory required, with 512MB game will be unstable and try it on your own risk

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Collocation Dictionary Pro v2016.04

Collocation Dictionary Pro v2016.04
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: The Collocation Dictionary Pro helps you to figure out how to understand correctly word’s meaning and how to use it in sentences in abundant of complex context.


The application offers 6 main features:

1 – Collocation of words, in sentence, supported by Oxford Collocation Dictionary that shows which words work together.
2 – Corpus, the common sentence of searching word, that you can easily find out how to use it in the real world.
3 – Learning how to pronounce correctly in TOEFL (American’s voice), IELTS (British voice) or in Australia Pronunciation.
4 – United State (North America) transcription (IPA) for TOEFL/IELTS learners
5 – History of searching Word
6 – Google Image Search for illustration
** The application does not contain any ads and will be maintained continuously.

What’s New

– Add Bookmark feature
– Improve performance of the application

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The Photographer’s Ephemeris v1.4

The Photographer’s Ephemeris v1.4
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) helps you plan outdoor photography shoots.


TPE is a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, be it day or night, for almost anywhere on earth.

Ideal for landscape, nature, travel and outdoor photographers, TPE’s map-based approach means you can search for any place name on the planet or position the map pin exactly where you want it.

Advanced features include: automatic time zone and elevation detection, correction for atmospheric refraction and height above the horizon. You can even determine when the sun or moon will be visible from behind nearby hills and mountains.

Key features:
– Time and direction of sunrise and sunset
– Time and direction of moonrise and moonset
– Phase of the moon and % illumination
– Times of civil, nautical and astronomical twilight
– Graphical display on a map (Standard, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain)
– Rotate and tilt the map for the optimal view
– Compass-based auto-rotation of the map
– Movable map pins – drag and drop the pin exactly where you need it
– Search for locations by place name or enter coordinates directly
– Save any location you want – no fixed lists
– All features available in both portrait and landscape mode
– Does not require network connection for rise/set time, azimuths and sun/moon position

Advanced features:
– Automatic time zone detection for any location on earth
– Determines elevation above sea level
– View azimuth and altitude of sun/moon for any time of day/night
– Distance, bearing and elevation angle between any two points

Geek features:
– Find when the sun/moon will appear from behind a hill
– Compensation for atmospheric refraction
– Compensation for elevation above the horizon

– Maps and elevation-based calculations require a data connection to function
– Locations outside ±80° latitude (very far north and south) are unsupported
– Map auto-rotate requires a compatible device (with magnetometer and accelerometer)
– Requires that you have Google Play Services and Google Maps installed on your device. Most devices already have both installed. TPE will prompt you to install these if they are missing.

Please visit http://photoephemeris.com/support#android_support if you have any trouble installing Google Play Services.
TPE desktop version has been a favorite of photographers around the world for four years. Now you can carry it with you.

1.4 b77:
– new map types, with offline support
– Map type selection controls moved to map (was previously under Preferences)
– Two new map types added: Open Street Map (OSM) and Open Cycle Map (OCM)
– OSM and OCM automatically cached for 12 months for offline use (256MB cache size, subject to available storage)

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Bike Attack Race: Stunt Rider v5.0 [Mod Money]

Bike Attack Race: Stunt Rider v5.0 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Are you ready to bike racing consisting of the closest to the real physics bike?


Race and stunt the bike through a never ending exciting road adventure with 10 amazing bikes. Fight with other bikes by kicking and punching on their bike so that their attention from the race deviates. Tilt the phone left right to move bike left right. Perform exciting stunts to get bonus cash. Satisfy your passion towards race. Earn cash by winning the races. Buy new exciting Bikes from the store. This 3D Bike racing game consisting of four different levels or modes, Time Trial, Time Attack, Knockout and Endless.

Time Trial
In this level, become checkpoint champion by clearing 8 checkpoints in specific time period. Shootdown opponent Bikes by kick and punch and fight but avoid from different hurdles, Cars, Vehicles and gangsters coming towards you. Smash the criminals and gangsters going away from you.

Time Attack
In this furious level, player has to smash and hit 15 gangsters in 3 minutes fastly in racing streets.

Knockout Race
In this mode, the street warrior has to survive 6 death defying trials in which player have to dough different number of cars and avoid the gangsters on the way.

Endless Race
In this Death Racing Mode, fulfill your fever and passion of death racing and stunt actions but survive yourself as long you can. Take delight in the thrill of riding your bike at insane speed through lush and busy city environments!
How to Play:
– Tilt your device to control the bike
– Tap Kick and Punch button to fall down your opponent Bikes
– Collect different Pickups of Boost, Stunts and Power
– Smash gangsters going away from you
– Avoid from different obstacles and vehicles, gangsters coming towards you and gangsters with bike
– Race as many as you can to earn cash.

– Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing environment of highway.
– Real Bike movement.
– Different amazing heavy sports and chopper Bikes.
– Superb Environment.
– Support for HD phone devices and tablets.
– Good quality sound effects.
– User friendly GUI and controls.
– Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!

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Sky Whale v1.9.1 [Mod Money]

Sky Whale v1.9.1 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
Overview: Bounce through the sky collecting donuts to keep your narwhal up in the air!


Use clouds and crazy objects to bounce higher and farther. Insane combos will take your narwhal into outer space. And scuba gear will send him on an underwater adventure. Earn coins to unlock awesome items, blasting your narwhal farther than he’s ever gone before!

· Play the REAL game from Nickelodeon’s new show: GAME SHAKERS!
· The more donuts you collect, the longer you bounce through the sky!
· Insane item combos add boosts to your bounce like: DOUBLE MONEY MONKEY TOILET!
· Pick up the special rainbow donut to trigger the ultimate SUGAR RUSH!
· The more you unlock the farther you go!

Sky Whale collects personal user data as well as non-personal user data (including aggregated data). User data collection is in accordance with applicable law, such as COPPA. User data may be used, for example, to respond to user requests; enable users to take advantage of certain features and services; personalize content and advertising; and manage and improve Nickelodeon’s services. For more information regarding Nickelodeon’s use of personal user data, please visit the Nickelodeon Group Privacy Policy below. Our Privacy Policy is in addition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed to between you and Google. Nickelodeon and its affiliated entities are not responsible for Google’s collection or use of your personal user data and information. Use of this app is subject to the Nickelodeon End User License Agreement. For users residing in the EU, Sky Whale may include the use of persistent identifiers for game management purposes and installation of this app constitutes your permission to such usage of persistent identifiers for all users on your device.

Privacy Policy:

End User License Agreement:

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 v1.3.0 [Mod]

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 v1.3.0 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.2+
Overview: Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2 is the massive sequel to the smash hit Marvel: Avengers Alliance, with a robust mobile gaming experience, greater customization, and amazing high quality visuals.



Assemble a team with the Avengers, Daredevil, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, and other Super Heroes to battle Ultron, Baron Strucker, and more epic Super Villains! A mysterious series of galactic collisions, known as Incursions, threaten the fate of Earth. You must use the powerful energy of Iso-8 to stop the destruction of every universe. Team up with friends and other players from around the globe to face deadly foes and prevail.

• Assemble the ultimate team to defeat notorious Super Villains
• Strategize and defeat evil forces in epic 3-on-3 combat
• Level-up and customize Super Heroes
• Collect and equip unique abilities for each Super Hero
• Take on dozens of replayable missions
• Win bonus rewards for completing Daily Operations
• Get powerful rewards in PVP tournaments
• Team up with friends’ Super Heroes to conquer missions

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains:
• Social media links to connect with others
• In-app purchases that cost real money
• The option to accept push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content
• Advertising for some third parties, including the option to watch ads for rewards
• Advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies

Hacks :
1. Massive Damage. [ PVE ]
2. Massive Damage. [ PVP ]
3. Player Always Dodge. [ Exception to cheat : Tutorial ]
4. Mobs Disarmed. [ Exception to cheat : Tutorial ]

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Conversations (Jabber / XMPP) v1.13.4

Conversations (Jabber / XMPP) v1.13.4
Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: Conversations is an open source Jabber / XMPP client for Android 4.0+ smart phones.


Conversations is an open source Jabber / XMPP client for Android 4.0+ smart phones.

Design principles
• Be as beautiful and easy to use as possible without sacrificing security or privacy
• Rely on existing, well established protocols
• Do not require a Google Account or specifically Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
• Require as little permissions as possible

• End-to-end encryption with either OMEMO, OTR or OpenPGP
• Sending and receiving images
• Intuitive UI that follows Android Design guidelines
• Pictures / Avatars for your Contacts
• Syncs with desktop client
• Conferences (with support for bookmarks)
• Address book integration
• Multiple Accounts / unified inbox
• Very low impact on battery life

XMPP Features
Conversations works with every XMPP server out there. However XMPP is an extensible protocol. These extensions are standardized as well in so called XEP’s. Conversations supports a couple of those to make the overall user experience better. There is a chance that your current XMPP server does not support these extensions. Therefore to get the most out of Conversations you should consider either switching to an
XMPP server that does or – even better – run your own XMPP server for you and your friends.
These XEPs are – as of now:

• XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams (or mod_proxy65). Will be used to transfer files if both parties are behind a firewall (NAT).
• XEP-0163: Personal Eventing Protocol for avatars
• XEP-0191: Blocking command lets you blacklist spammers or block contacts without removing them from your roster.
• XEP-0198: Stream Management allows XMPP to survive small network outages and changes of the underlying TCP connection.
• XEP-0280: Message Carbons which automatically syncs the messages you send to your desktop client and thus allows you to switch seamlessly from your mobile client to your desktop client and back within one conversation.
• XEP-0237: Roster Versioning mainly to save bandwidth on poor mobile connections
• XEP-0313: Message Archive Management synchronize message history with the server. Catch up with messages that were sent while Conversations was offline.
• XEP-0352: Client State Indication lets the server know whether or not Conversations is in the background. Allows the server to save bandwidth by withholding unimportant packages.
• XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload allows you to share files in conferences and with offline contacts. Requires an additional component on your server.

What’s New

==Version 1.13.4==
• support jingle ft:4
• show contact as DND if one resource is
• bug fixes

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GORDON RAMSAY DASH v1.0.14 [Mod Coins/Level & More]

GORDON RAMSAY DASH v1.0.14 [Mod Coins/Level & More]
Requirements: 3.0+


Travel around the globe and master your skills in unique restaurants w/ Gordon Ramsay as your guide! Build your restaurant empire!
Use strategy along with your culinary skills and battle other players or friends online to reach the top of the leaderboards!

Create your chef’s own personal look with the all new avatar system, a first for any DASH game!

Got what it takes to compete with the best? Face Gordon Ramsay and others in new Boss Battles!

Upgrade your recipes for even better rewards by collecting rare and unique items throughout the game!

High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!

Gordon Ramsay DASH © 2016 Glu Mobile Inc. All rights reserved.
DASH, Gordon Dash, Gordon Ramsay Dash, Glu, the “G-Man” Logo, Flo, and her appearance are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Glu Mobile Inc. in the United States and/or in other jurisdictions.
Likeness, voice and images of Gordon Ramsay provided under license by Humble Pie Media Limited for Studio Ramsay. All rights reserved.

Gordon Ramsay DASH is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items.

Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at http://www.glu.com . Additional terms may also apply.

[.1.] Lot of Coins
[.2.] Lot of Gold
[.3.] Lot of Supplies
[.4.] Max Level
[.5.] No Tutorial for new players-works

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SHAREit: File Transfer,Sharing v3.6.2_ww

SHAREit: File Transfer,Sharing v3.6.2_ww
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: The world’s fastest way to share photos, apps and more across devices…without network charges or Wi-Fi connection. Lenovo SHAREit eliminates the need for cables to wirelessly transfer information rapidly between devices – either with friends, or to take your personal content on the go.


SHAREit, the world’s fastest cross-platform file transfer tool for near-field communication.
– Share all kinds of files whenever and wherever.
– 200 times Bluetooth speed!
– No USB! No data usage! No internet needed!
– Supports Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Windows Phone, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, and Mac OS.
– The choice of OVER 300 million users from 200 countries.
– Top 1 downloaded App on Google Play in 15 countries and districts.

【Main features】

► No network restriction
Share files whenever & wherever!

► Fastest in the world
200 times faster than Bluetooth, the highest speed goes up to 20M/s.

► Cross-platform transferring
Cross-platform sharing for phones & computers & tablets, Android & iOS & Windows Phone & Windows XP/7/8.

► Transfer whatever you have
Photos, videos, music, installed apps and any other files.

► Simple and Easy
Friends can transfer files to each other by entering Portal. So easy to share!

► Connect to PC
Transfer files between phone and PC
View your photos and play music on computers.
Control PPT directly with your phone, making your presentation easier!

Replicate contacts, SMS messages, MMS messages, music, videos, apps and other data from your old phone to the new one in just one click.

►Facebook _https://facebook.com/bestSHAREit
►Twitter _https://twitter.com/bestSHAREit
►VK _https://vk.com/bestSHAREit
►Instagram _https://instagram.com/bestSHAREit

What’s New

1. Add “Search Local Files” feature in “Send” module
2. Music can be played directly in SHAREit. (Need activation of LISTENit function in side menu)
3. UI optimization

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